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Float Sessions are scheduled at our Swartz Creek, Michigan office by appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available.   Call Terri at 810-584-5511 or 989-295-4269 or by email.  

5232 South Morrish Road, Swartz Creek MI 5232 South Morrish Road Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473  

Our entrance is on the Southwest end of the building (far side facing south).  

We are located 1 mile south of M-69 at the Morrish Road Exit (Exit 128).   We are less than 15 minute from Flint, 50 minutes from Ann Arbor,  about an hour from metro Detroit,  and 40 minutes from Saginaw. 

With sufficient notice we can schedule sessions for nearly any time, including early morning,  evenings, and weekends.  


We offer two different styles of tanks,  allowing two people to visit and float at the same time. Each tank contains about 10 inches of water, super saturated with hundreds of pounds of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). Your body and head float effortlessly in the silky water.   

The Oasis Tank 

The Oasis tank (pictured below at bottom of page) is 8' long and over 4' wide. It is recommended for clients 6'1" or taller.  

The Floataway Tranquility Pod  

The Floataway pod is 8' long and 5' wide at the head. It has a hydraulic lid that is operated by the button that you push. You can stand up fully when getting in and out of the tank. 

In both tanks the water is maintained at approximately 93.5 degrees which is about skin temperature. 

After each float the water is filtered and sterilized.  The Oasis tank uses an ultraviolet light filter and the Floataway uses free chlorine. 

A shower is next to the tank and is used before and after you float. A half bath is accessible and adjoining both tank rooms.  We provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and a towel.  Ear plugs are available.   We recommend that you do not shave the day of your float to avoid skin irritation in the water. 

Floats are scheduled for a minimum of 1 hour of time. Longer floats can be scheduled.   Because the benefits of floating are cumulative, we offer special rates for multi-hour packages.  There is a 3 hour package which must be used by the same, new  client.  There are 5 and 10 hour packages which may be shared by household members. 

After your float, we have a comfortable lounge area for you to relax, have a beverage,  browse our library,  write in a journal,  or talk about any aspect of your float experience.

If you wish, we can also schedule spa services with N-Touch Massage which is located in the building. They offer special pricing if you combine their services with a float.   

Our Rates  

 Starter pack - Your first 3 floats at the price of 2
 Regular Hourly Rate
 1.5 hours
 2 hours
 5 hour package 


We offer discounts to students with ID cards, but anyone under 18 needs written permission from a parent or guardian.  

We appreciate cash, but we can accept credit and debit cards. Visa, mastercard, and Discover. 

Gift Certificates CAN BE PURCHASED  ONLINE AT Any Time


We may require a credit card to reserve your appointment. We require a card to hold appointments for groups of 3 or more, and for floats of 3 hours or more.   

Cancellation Policy:   We charge 50% for no-shows and appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. 

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