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Flotation:  A Tool for Relaxation and Discovery...
"Floating in the tank after a busy day's work brings a great relief.  Suddenly all of the stimulation of holding one upright against gravity disappears...the tank experience is a very refreshing one, a resting one." 

Dr. John C. Lilly

Flotation s
essions are available by appointment at  our Location in Swartz Creek, Michigan (west of Flint).  

If you wish to book online, look for the Great Lakes Flotation apps in the google app and itunes stores. 

Gift certificate purchases 
may be made security on-line.  If you are buying for someone else,  the gift certificate is the best way to buy.   If you wish to  purchase a discounted 
 multi-hour package for yourself (a "series") you can also do that online but but you must create a log-in so the series will show up in our system.  We now also offer 6 and 12 month memberships where you can buy 1 or 2 floats per month at a discounted rate.  
We  accept credit and debit cards.   
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To read research about the effects and benefits of floating see Resources.  You can also read reviews below, on our facebook page,   and
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To schedule a float session contact Terri at 810-584-5511 or 989-295-4269(c)  or

The floating experience limits external stimuli and virtually eliminates the effects of gravity, giving your mind less environmental and sensory input to deal with and process.  It can be an aid both to people who already have a meditation practice, as well as those who have had difficulty meditating.  While floating, the slowest brainwaves are accessed, offering a state of deep rest and awareness not available in the bustle of everyday life.   Groups who are curious about flotation and its connection to physical and mental well-being may want to check out examples of the informational presentations available from owner Terri Stangl.

The flotation tank is fully enclosed and temperature controlled.  It contains a dense solution of water and Epsom Salts so you lie back and float weightlessly on the surface

Find out what floating can do for your body and mind...


Floating makes a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries!

Order gift certificates
 for family or friends online whenever you need them - day or night!  They can be printed or emailed, as you prefer. 


Super Relaxing. 

This was a very relaxing and therapeutic experience!

It was amazing! I would highly recommend it and plan to tell everyone I know about it, and return myself.

Wonderful experience

This is amazing experience. Highly recommend a visit here! Completely relaxing and my skin felt hydrated after. Will definitely be back!

I had never heard of flotation as a relaxation tool. What a wonderful experience! The owner was cordial and professional. The facility was sparkling clean. All the various aspects of the experience were clearly explained to me before I entered the bathroom/shower area. The flotation chamber itself was large enough to prevent any feeling of claustrophobia. The water temperature was comfortable, and the Epsom salt created a perfect environment for floating on the surface. The hour I spent in the water was deeply relaxing and therapeutic. I will definitely return to Great Lakes Flotation.

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